Blendtec Signature Series $594

Blendtec Signature Series

  • Performance
  • Versatility
  • Quality
  • Value

Blendtec’s newest release Signature Series will not disappoint. Combining the most popular features with the same guarantee and power made famous by their other blenders, the Blendtec Signature Series blender has an updated design and includes the best package offered yet.

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  • Powerful 1560 watt 13 amp Motor
  • Pre-programmed blend cycles
  • Instant Speed buttons
  • 7 Year warranty
  • Expensive
  • Loud

Review Overview

Innovation and design does not stop at Blendtec. After the major success of their award winning Designer Series blender they wasted no time getting back to the design lab to come up with a new offering. The new Blendtec 90 oz blender with Wild Side Jar and Twister Jar comes complete with the most popular blending jars along with more recipe books than ever before. This winning combination is complete but it comes at a high price.

Blendtec Power and Performance

If you have heard anything about Blendtec blenders then you know that they are known for there extreme power. The Signature Series is no different and includes the same Blendtec 1560 watt 13 amp direct drive motor that users have come to covet. Capable of blending anything you can throw it, you will enjoy making whole food meals with ease like nut butters, soups, whole-food juice, ice-cream, batters, mixed drinks and more. The only down size is how loud it is. With such power comes noise. Ultimately the power of the Signature Series blender will help you to eat better and provide your body with more nutrition.

Signature Series Controls and Design

The control panel has had an overhaul. The sealed LCD touchpad is illuminated and easy to clean. You will find one-touch perfection in the five (5) preprogrammed blend cycles included. Clear icons and labels present the blending tasks. With the touch of a button your Signature Series blender can automatically blend up a smoothie or whole juice as well as mix up a batter, make soup and even blend up some fresh ice cream. You will find that with these five programs you can make most everything you want in your blender.

In addition to the famous Blendtec blend cycles, you have the option to manually control the blender as well. As with every Blendtec, a pulse and stop button is provided. The one limitation of the Signature Series is that only 5 speeds are available. Previous models have 10 or 8 speeds. There is no variable speed control, as found on all Vitamix blenders.

Blending Jars Included

Unlike the Total Blender and Designer models which currently come in 3 packages allowing you to choose which blending jars to include with your purchase (FourSide, WildSide or both), the Signature Series is available in a single package. At first this may seem limiting. The nice thing about the package is that comes with both the 90 oz WildSide jar and the 32 oz Twister jar, so nothing is missing. These are the two most widely popular and used jars for any Blendtec. The WildSide jar handles the bulk of your blending needs and can accommodate a large volume – significantly more than most common blenders. The Twister jar is Blendtec’s small specialty jar designer specifically for thick/dense blending and small volumes. The Twister jar makes tasks such as nut butters, dressings, dips or baby food easy and VERY efficient. If you are considering upgrading from an older Blendtec model, the good news is that any of the Blendtec home jars will work with the Signature Series.


The Signature Series is Blendtec’s most well thought out model yet with the combination of features offered and the package contents included. The downside is that it comes with a hefty price tag of $594 (fortunately you can save with free shipping when using our Blendtec Coupon). You could purchase a Total Blender or Designer Series WildSide and add a Twister jar for less than the cost of new Signature Series. Then again, you wouldn’t have Blendtec’s latest and greatest.


  1. There is no doubt that the performance is excellent. In order to get the desired performance, the noise is just terrible. In this day and age of great technology, how can a company sell a product that makes a consumer want to sent back a purchase or they are willing to put up with the noise for performance. How sad it is that people want and need a product so badly that they are willing to pay a hefty price and put up with such noise. The signature series should be recalled and redesigned.

    • Yeah – that is the major downfall of blendtec blenders… the noise! It’s the reason I went with the Vitamix 7500.

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