Ninja 1100 Kitchen System $119

Ninja 1100 Kitchen System

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The Ninja 1100 is the full featured blender package put together by Euro-Pro, the makers of Ninja blenders. The ninja tower blade design is said to have “revolutionized the blender”.
  • 72 oz. and 40 oz. jars
  • 5 attachments
  • Easy to Clean
  • Money-back guarantee
  • New on the market
  • Noisy


Made famous by TV the Ninja blender is very popular. The unique design of the blending system has commanded a lot of attention. The center post with multiple blades, makes this appliance look more like a hybrid between a blender and a food processor. The Ninja 1100 Kitchen System comes complete with accessories to accomplish all of your kitchen needs.


The Ninja 1100 is a powerful home blender with 8 amps / 1100 watts of power. This blender can easily crush ice, blend fruits and vegetables, create frozen drinks, mix dough, knead dough and much more. Deemed good for blending and chopping, the Ninja looks to be a unique offering.

While the unique 6 blade system of the Ninja slices, dices and pulverizes most food ingredients it really shines when making frozen drinks, nut butters and simple fruit smoothies. Once you tax the system with harder to blend ingredients, like carrots or greens, trouble begins. Blending large volumes and harder ingredients results in a mealy smoothie. When we blend things we want them to be smooth, especially smoothies, right?

If you are looking to take advantage of the chopping ability of the Ninja, depending upon what you are looking for you may find disappointment. This is a blender and not a food processor so slicing is not possible, nor is even chopping. If you don’t mind uneven bulk chopping, the Ninja can do this better than any other blender on the market.

Controls and Design

The ninja 1100 has a sleek touchpad with 3 speed buttons and a pulse. The different speeds are recommended for different tasks. The slow speed is good for mixing and dough making and of course for blending, the fast speed is what’s needed. As for the medium, 2nd speed, we found little use for it as it didn’t seem fast enough for blending and was too fast for mixing. Of course the pulse works best for chopping and rough mixing.

This could be the “safest” operating blender there is. In order to get the Ninja 1100 working, a series of safety processes are required. The hard plastic lid must be aligned perfectly and locked into place and the containers must be placed on the base correctly and twisted just right to secure the safety tabs before any power will run through the blender.

Unlike most blenders, the Ninja 1100 can make dough. With the dough hook and dough paddle, you can mix up to a 1.5 lbs. of dough in the 40 oz. bowl. If you are an infrequent dough maker, this comes in handy if you do not have a standing mixer.

Ninja Containers

This is an area where Ninja blenders shine. All containers are made of BPA-Free plastic. The Ninja 1100 kitchen system comes with 2 containers, a 72 oz. jar and a 40 oz. bowl.

On sale now for only $119.95

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