Blendtec Designer Series Total Blender Review $499

Blendtec Designer Series Total Blender Review

  • Performance
  • Versatility
  • Quality
  • Value

Blendtec Total Blenders are the world’s most powerful blenders. The Blendtec Designer Series takes blending to a new level.

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  • Powerful 3 HP Motor
  • Touch Screen Controls
  • WildSide Jar
  • Pre-programmed blend cycles
  • 7 Year warranty
  • Expensive
  • Very Loud
  • Hard to make small volumes
  • Available in one color only – Champagne Metallic


The new Blendtec Total Blender Designer Series takes high-performance blending to a new level. Like the Total Blender Classic, the Designer Series is a powerful machine capable of blending most everything to make the full gamut of fresh foods such as smoothies, whole juice, ice-cream, bread dough, mixed-drinks, soup and more. Not only does the Blendtec Designer Series Blender replace up to 9 appliances, it does so with style and beauty. The sleek touch screen control panel has taken performance blending to a new level.


Blendtec Blenders are known to be the most powerful blenders made for home use. The Designer Series continues in tradition with the same 3 horsepower, 13 amps / 1560 watts motor that has become their standard with the Total Blender Classic Series. Blendtec has engineered the Design Series to run a lot cooler which means it can last longer. In its redesign, Blendtec has claimed to make the Designer Series their quietest home blender to date. As with all Blendtec blender its power and speed is capable of breaking up the cell walls of blended veggies and greens.

Controls and Design

Where the this blenders truly shines is in its beautiful design. Not only is it Blendtec’s first blender to be offered in a Champagne Metallic color but the entire control panel is a touch screen much like today’s smart phones. The touch area is illuminated with icons to select and control the 6 program cycles (the same Smart-Touch Tec-nology cycles as the Classic Series) allowing for automatic blending. The up and down buttons have been replaces with a revolutionary touch control slider giving the user complete control of the blender’s speed. Blendtec has managed to pack all this new design into the Designer Series while maintaining the low profile height so that the blender fits under kitchen cabinets.

Blendtec Containers

The Blendtec Total Blender Designer Series comes standard with a 5 sided BPA-Free 3 quart WildSide jar with a 4-inch blade. The Designer Series is able to accommodate all the Jars available for the Total Blender Series, FourSide and Twister Jar.

At $499.95 these blenders are selling like hotcakes. ORDER YOURS NOW while you still can.

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